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Biden Seesaw

Client: Club for Growth

Website Design & Development - Photo-Illustration

Early on during the 2020 election, Club for Growth asked us to create a website highlighting Joe Biden’s flip-flopping policy positions. We came up with a concept, created the visuals, researched Biden’s political history, and built out the site. The result was a comprehensive campaign that resonated with audiences in numerous segments.

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Moving Beyond the “Flip-Flop”

Biden See Saw Imagery The literal “flip flop” imagery in campaign materials has been way overdone. So we came up with the seesaw as a unique creative mechanism that drives the point home without being cliché. The “Biden Seesaw” takes a comically illustrative approach to presenting Joe Biden’s many changing positions during his presidential campaign. Our team set out to craft a memorable analogy that would draw viewers in, encourage social engagement, and lay the groundwork for a cohesive social campaign and messaging. The site accomplishes this goal with a humorous “school yard” setting, featuring Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as child-like versions of themselves on an animated seesaw.

Facts That Resonate and Permeate

Biden See Saw Imagery When presenting the facts, we wanted to ensure the data stuck with viewers of any political affiliation by not coming off as “mean-spirited” or heavy-handed. Sticking with the school theme, we neatly assigned a letter-grade to the “student” version of Biden to present the facts.

Overall, this site helps “brand” Joe Biden as a “flip flopper” on key campaign issues. It drives the narrative in a highly effective way by stimulating engagement through comedy in our ever-evolving “meme-marketing” generation.

The Complete Package

The Biden Seesaw does everything a website should do. It makes a strong, and memorable experience in an easily digestible, and shareable format.

The site is lighthearted and funny, while also being substantive. And a little bit of movement gives it just the right touch! Users are captivated, amused and informed all at once.

The Result

Increased Traffic. Happy Client. Reed Award for Best Use of Humor.

Biden See Saw Imagery

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